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Dance Inferno- Tracks

1. Baby I'm Right (Real Deal)

2. Let's Marvin Gaye

3. Lipstick, Powder & Paint

4. Heavenly Cha

5. Good Luck Girl

7. Girl Crush

8. Lay Low

9. Written In Scars

10. Skip The Line

11. The Bomp

12. I Do My Dreaming

13. Darling Hold My Hand

14. Ticket To The Blues

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Dance Galaxy - Tracks

1. Rock And Roll Is King

2. New Shade Of Blue

3. The Boat To Liverpool

4. Same Thing Happened To Me

5. South Australia

6. Places I've Never Been

7. Take It Easy (Woman Trouble)

8. Where Corn Don't Grow

9. They Call Me The Breeze

10. Last Living Cowboy

11. Little Bit Gypsy

12. It Must Be Love (Fly Like A Dove)

13. That's How I Got To Memphis

14. Yes!

15. Triple Mix

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Price £11.00

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